A chip almost always turns into a crack, often when you least expect it. If it happens when you are driving, it could be a major distraction. Once the chip is repaired, your windscreen will be sound again.

Your windscreen provides up to 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength and the passenger airbag relies on the windscreen to provide support when the airbag deploys. Repairing a chip will make your windscreen as strong as it was before the damage occurred.

If the chip turns into a crack, your windscreen will have to be replaced.

A windscreen repair takes approximately 30 minutes.

Repairing a chip is quicker than replacing a whole windscreen. A windscreen chip can be repaired in about 30 minutes.

Can my windscreen be repaired?

The following size of windscreen chip damage can be repaired in accordance with the  Standard Code of Practice BS AU 242a:1998

Zone A Damage up to 10mm | Zone C Damage up to 25mm

Zone B Damage up to 15mm | Zone D Damage up to 40mm

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