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Chips vs Cracks

Modern glass in vehicles is now tough compared previous. The average is now every seven years a driver will be faced with a cracked or damaged windscreen. Side and rear windows are made of toughened glass which shatters on impact. But windsreens, which are laminated means they don’t shatter. This is because they are built with a PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) layer which provides the strength to enable us to be able to fix small ships and cracks with our resin process.

Repairing chips can save you time and money. A chip can become a crack if left too long. Some chips can result in a failed NCT/DOE test – yet windscreen chip repairs can be done quickly and easily.

A cracked windscreen could be illegal if it is in the driver’s direct line of vision, so you should get it replaced quickly.

Call us on 045 896437 – 0868286115

Cost & Insurance

In most cases, if you have glass cover, your insurance company will pay for any repairs. Insurers recognise windscreen repairs as a significant saving and on fully comp policies they will pay for the whole cost of the repair, without any excess charge or effect to your no-claims bonus.

If your insurance doesn’t cover you for windscreen replacement, the total cost will depend on the type of glass you need for your car. But don’t worry, we will advise you of any costs before work begins!

We work closely with the motor insurance industry. We’ll look after all the paperwork for you direct with your insurers. If there is anything for you to pay, we’ll will always let you know in advance.

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